Ep 65 - Marine Sniper Tony Moenich Found Zen With Ayahuasca | War, Healing, Bulletproof Mindset

Psychedelics tear down the walls that keeps you from being your true self.
— Tony Moenich

Tony Moenich is a former USMC scout sniper and is now the host of Thanks For Coming Out, a podcast talking about military experiences, healing, and life. In this episode of the podcast, Tony talks about his life as a Marine and receiving ayahuasca in the Amazon jungle of Peru. 

  • Former USMC scout sniper
  • Host of Thanks For Coming Out podcast
  • Experienced ayahuasca and other plant medicine

Show Notes

  • Who is Tony Moenich?
  • Psychedelic knowledge before becoming a Marine
  • Psychedelic culture in the military
  • Intention joining the Marine Corp
  • When did Tony become interested in eastern philosophy and meditation?
  • Deployment to Iraq
  • Mindset in Fallujah
  • How Tony grounds himself in times of war
  • Feeling of zen in battle
  • Listening to your instincts
  • Does psychedelics affect the reptilian instincts?
  • Pacifism and psychedelics
  • Being your true self with psychedelics
  • Subjective reality and subjective experience
  • Coming home from war in Iraq
  • Emotional shifts
  • Downing effects of medication
  • Going to Peru for ayahuasca
  • Intentions
  • How did Tony's family react to post-ayahuasca Tony?
  • Traumatic experience of war reoccurring in ayahuasca ceremonies
  • Letting go 
  • Back in a toxic environment
  • Existential paralysis
  • Can psychedelics turn you into a tree hugger? 
  • Latching on to an identity

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