Ep 77 - Primal Evolution Through Mind & Body With Movement Coach Tom Mountjoy, PhD FRCms | DMT Toad, Ayahuasca, Primordial OM

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My path and my practice over the years has been trying to come to a coherent way of assimilating the complete aspects of our psyche as a one, unified experience while using movement as a practical approach to the ideas.
— Tom Mountjoy

Tom Mountjoy PhD CKT FRC/FRAms is a New Zealand born anthropologist, movement researcher, teacher and athlete with 20 years experience in health and athletic performance education. Continually looking to challenge modern lifestyle pressures, habits and perceptions, Tom offers you his unique movement-focussed holistic approach to health and longevity. In order to screen for those looking for easy solutions, and unwilling to challenge their own health preconceptions, ALL potential clients are by application only.

Show Notes

  • The connection between the mind and body
  • Tom's PhD in social anthropology
  • Social anthropology and the connection with movements
  • The biggest connection between mind, body, spirit?
  • Reverse engineering the philosophical side of movement
  • The post-psychedelic existential crisis
  • Reconnecting with the primordial self through play
  • The energy flow from the psychedelic peak experience
  • How is Tom's movement routine different from conventional exercise?
  • Does living in the city have affect our psyche?
  • Moving your body and finding the connection
  • Tai chi, yoga, and energy space
  • Accessing the energy lines through different disciplines of movement
  • Tom's journey to the Solomon Islands
  • Allowing space in your practice
  • What does strength mean to Tom?
  • Tom's initial encounters of psychedelics
  • Ayahuasca
  • Finding the connection with nature through plant medicine
  • Achieving the primal state of conscious awareness
  • Categorizing our experience through reality tunnels
  • Being part of the psychedelic experience through all emotions
  • 5-MeO DMT toad medicine
  • Meeting the "source"
  • Point of no reference, of non-duality
  • Primordial OM
  • Ego mind as an illusion

Continued in our PLUS+ Extension:

  • How do you use the knowledge gathered from the abyss to our daily lives?
  • The state of actualization
  • Jungian shadow
  • The practice of opposites
  • How to tangibly live a wholesome life
  • Tom's definition of non-duality 
  • Our world entering a transitional stage
  • The current fight of politics is missing the mark
  • There are a lot of awareness in the world, but not many people are aware
  • Is the act of fighting part of nature?
  • Examining matters in a meta-scale
  • Pathway towards logos
  • Unconscious tendency to invite psychic vampires into your life
  • Is culture your friend?

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