Ep 67 - The "Yelp" Of Psychedelics With Tim Cools | Online Drug Community, European Drug Culture

It’s all about the community
— Tim Cools

Tim Cools is the founder of PsychedelicExperience.net, which is a community of psychedelic explorers reviewing their individual experiences to promote safe and responsible uses of psychedelic substances around the world. 

  • Founder of PsychedelicExperience.net

Show Notes

  • Psychedelic Science 2017
  • Talking about psychedelics openly in public
  • Combination between academic and spiritual personalities
  • Belgium's psychedelic scene
  • Amsterdam drug culture
  • Overexposure of psychedelics
  • Psychedelic sitter
  • What is PsychedelicExperience.net?
  • Positive and negative experiences
  • Intentions of ayahuasca retreat centers
  • Review factors of psychedelics
  • Anonymity 
  • Different centers suiting different needs to attendees 
  • Popularity of ayahuasca 
  • Taking the dogma from ayahuasca 
  • Tim's ibogaine experience
  • Psychedelic directory
  • Community based 

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