Ep 64 - From Atheist To Shamanic Healer Travis Bodick | Soul Remedy, Spirit, Finding God Within

We do healing through love, passion, and forgiveness, using the plant medicine as a guide to look into our own hearts to find strength, wisdom, and healing there.
— Travis Bodick

Travis Bodick is the co-founder of Soul Remedy (Seattle, Washington), which offers a unique and balanced approach to healing, introspection and exploration of the self, spirit, and world. The main focus of Soul Remedy are practices based in nature and connecting to the world around you.  This includes working with plants, crystals, our bodies, land and animal spirits, re-wilding, and just about anything else nature based!

  • Co-founder of Soul Remedy
  • Healer that works with self, plants, spirit
  • Author

Show Notes

  • Who is Travis Bodick?
  • What plant medicine does Travis work with?
  • How did Travis become a plant medicine healer?
  • The near death experience that propelled Travis on a spiritual path
  • Atheist's belief
  • What really mattered to Travis during the moment of near death?
  • Life's priorities
  • Lack of self-authenticity
  • Seeing different people during the NDE
  • The universal presence
  • DMT release
  • Seeing psychedelic visions in sober daily life
  • Opening your mind and putting yourself in the mystery
  • Travis' personal connection with San Pedro
  • Characteristics of San Pedro
  • San Pedro spirit and entities
  • Huachuma or San Pedro?
  • Animal spirits
  • Epiphanies occuring
  • Examining your own negative tendencies
  • Relationship advice
  • Travis' unique style of healing
  • Spirit
  • LSD
  • Gaining awareness with a dieta
  • Pushing psychedelic boundaries
  • Recreational use vs spiritual use
  • Dangers of psychedelics

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