Ep 39 - Tim Scully & Orange Sunshine | The "Walter White" Underground Cook of the 1960s, The sunshine makers

Taking LSD for the first time was like getting struck by lightning, it completely redirected my life
— Tim Scully

Tim Scully is best known in the psychedelic underground for his work in the production of LSD from 1966 to 1969, for which he was indicted in 1973 and convicted in 1974. His best known product, dubbed "Orange Sunshine", was considered the standard for quality LSD in 1969.

  • Produced 3-4 million tabs of acid
  • Ran four underground acid labs
  • Produced acid as pure as 99.99%

Show Notes

  • What interested Tim to cook LSD initially
  • Intentions of making LSD
  • Smoking DMT with Owsley Stanley
  • Hanging out with The Grateful Dead and Acid Tests
  • Power of beliefs 
  • LSD's potential to save the world
  • Paranoia from the authorities 
  • Gathering raw materials and equipment to the lab
  • The introvert living the street life
  • Nick Sand
  • Disguising the smells
  • Establishing ground rules
  • Learning from Owsley to make pure acid
  • Cooking with intentions
  • The Hell's Angels
  • The Brotherhood of Eternal Love
  • Why the Orange Sunshine is orange
  • How many tabs of LSD did Tim make in total
  • How Tim got caught by the Feds
  • Billy Hitchcock
  • Conviction
  • Life in prison
  • Turning people ON in prison through Zen meditation, yoga, Tai Chi
  • Life after prison
  • Tim's current relationship with psychedelics and the psychedelic state
  • Biofeedback 
  • Resurgence of psychedelics in 2017

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