Ep 50 - A Birth of A Cosmic Spirit & Blue Morpho International With Scott Parker! Shamanic Tours

We hold the space for our guests and allows them to have epiphanous moments to break down limiting beliefs. Our guests will have connections with spirits outside of the ayahuasca realm in settings visiting ancient civilizations.
— Scott Parker

Scott Parker from Akron, OH work with Blue Morpho International (BMI). BMI is a tour group that travels to sacred sites, awe inspiring landscapes, ancient temples and natural wonders that have been lost in time.  They also explore the richness of tribal cultures, ancient belief systems, and the paths of ascended masters. BMI tours encompass a wholistic approach to better understanding ourselves and opens us up to the beauty and abundance of the world. This process opens a door within giving the opportunity for an introspective look at our own lives and self which fosters personal growth and transformation and impacts the lives of our guests well after the tour is over. 

  • International tour group 
  • Shamanic approach
  • Explores tribal cultures and ancient belief systems
  • Travels to destinations like Myanmar, Jordan, Israel, Mongolia, Machu Picchu with San Pedro, and more

Show Notes

  • What is Blue Morpho International (BMI)?
  • Scott's quintessential peak experience
  • A birth of a new consciousness
  • Ayahuasca baby
  • Scott's "previous life" as a serial entrepreneur 
  • Developing self-love and self-worth
  • Obligations of reality
  • Group energy of BMI
  • Full conversations with spirits about "stories"
  • Sharing psychedelic stories
  • Self identification with psychedelic experiences
  • Seeing past the stories and recognize the energies
  • The importance of asking why
  • Favorite destination from BMI travels
  • Mongolian shamanism and Buddhism
  • Reindeer herders 
  • Herding yak in Mongolia
  • Synchronicity
  • Location scouting
  • High energy in locations
  • Holding shamanic spaces in physical sacred sites
  • San Pedro in Machu Picchu
  • Prerequisite requirements for BMI
  • How long do the tours last?
  • Meditating in the Egyptian pyramids

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