Ep 54 - Psychedelic Tarot Reading With Sarah McAllister | It Gets Personal!

Just like there are no “bad” psychedelic trips, there are really no bad cards when it comes to tarot.”
— Sarah McAllister

Sarah is an inner-realm explorer from San Diego, California. She is a tarot reader, artist, photographer and freelance writer. Visit Spirit Cell Tarot for appearances, readings and other musings, and to see her developing version of the tarot come to life.

  • Tarot Reader
  • Artist
  • Photographer
  • Freelance writer

Show Notes

  • Basics of tarot
  • Archetypical symbols
  • Do the tarot cards itself carry any magical powers?
  • Rules of tarot
  • The Wild Unknown tarot deck
  • Lacking vocabulary for psychedelic journeys
  • Sarah's initial interest in tarot
  • Learning the tarot
  • Daily tarot
  • Mary Beth 
  • Tarot in San Diego
  • Fear of the truth
  • Similar to psychedelic trips
  • Psychedelic states and tarot
  • LSD and tarot

LIVE Tarot Reading! It gets personal...

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