Ep 59 - How to Live Consciously In A Chaotic World With Rebekah Shaman | Becoming Who You're Truly Meant To Be

Shamanism is a state of consciousness and awareness of our relationship with ourselves and every living thing on our planet.
— Rebekah Shaman

Rebekah Shaman works specifically with plant medicines to help spread plant ‘consciousness’, and assists those in the concrete jungles to live more shamanically, reconnecting them back to Nature and the natural cycles and rhythms of life. Over the past eighteen years she has worked closely with Ayahuasca, Cannabis and Cacao, the ‘feminine’ medicines. Having apprenticed with Ayahuasca in the Amazon by a traditional, indigenous Shaman in 1998, who called her in a vision at Machu Picchu, Rebekah returned to London to complete her training in the urban concrete jungle.

  • Works with ayahuasca, cacao, and cannabis
  • Over 18 years with ayahuasca

Show Notes

  • Love & light brigade 
  • Shifting in evolutionary consciousness 
  • Spiritual teachers
  • Living the wisdom
  • Psychedelic identity politics
  • Does modern science have all the answers?
  • Plant consciousness
  • Psychonauts lacking evolution
  • What can psychonauts do to contribute back to plant medicine?
  • Having purpose
  • Capitalism reform
  • Powers of money
  • Surrounded by darkness
  • Enforcing psychedelic ideologies
  • Negative default state
  • Amygdala hijacking
  • Rebekah's thoughts on Brexit
  • The "Titanic" is sinking while we are partying on the rooftop
  • Decentralization
  • Taking care of yourself first
  • Holding the sense of self while belonging to a community
  • Courage to standing up for your beliefs 
  • A sense of self
  • Your vulnerability is your strength
  • Libra full moon
  • Jumping out of your comfort zone
  • Ayahuasca as a crutch 
  • Being conscious every moment
  • How to find the balance in a chaotic world
  • Responsibility of self

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