Ep 69 - Being Woke & Finding Your Magic With Ed Liu | Occulture Podcast Interviews Psychedelic Milk

Love is an invisible force that binds everything together, and operates on a very powerful and passionate level, and in turn unlocking something within us to access the universe.
— Ed Liu

Role reversal! Ryan Peverly of the Occulture Podcast interviews Psychedelic Milk's Ed Liu on what psychedelics mean to him and how to be "woke".

Show Notes

  • Psychedelic podcasts
  • Genesis of Psychedelic Milk
  • Ed's DMT trip and insights gathered
  • Emotions of the DMT trip
  • Naturally released DMT
  • DMT without DMT
  • Lucid dreaming
  • What does "woke" mean?
  • Psychedelic elitism
  • Becoming awake
  • Calmness after DMT
  • Fear of psychedelic trips
  • Ego as a tool
  • Psychedelics poking holes in the human auric field
  • Intentions of the psychedelic journey
  • Psychedelic tarot
  • Shamanic work in the Amazon jungle
  • Magick
  • Virtual reality
  • What is love? 

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