Ep 43 - Smoking the Psychedelic DMT Toad with Niles Heckman | Shamans Of The Global Village

There are no coincidences, there are only levels of zoom.
— Niles Heckman

Niles Heckman is the director of the documentary series Shamans Of The Global Village. Niles Heckman is a filmmaker and street photographer with a background creating visuals for high-end commercials, games cinematics, and Hollywood. He has overseen plate photography with New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios, and is a member of three Academy Award winning teams shared between the animated feature and visual effects categories and a VES Award recipient for outstanding achievement in virtual cinematography. He directed and shot the pilot episode for Shamans of The Global Village in 2015 and his feature directorial debut for a documentary film entitled Transmutation is due for completion in 2017.

  • Director of Shamans Of The Global Village
  • Filmmaker & Street Photographer
  • Worked with New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios, and more

Show Notes

  • Psychedelic movies and media
  • Creative direction dictated by money
  • Rak as the host of the documentary 
  • Shamans Of The Global Village
  • Octavio Rettig and the psychedelic toad
  • Bufo alvarius
  • 5-MeO-DMT
  • Why take the toad medicine in the pilot episode?
  • How to smoke the toad medicine
  • Availability of the toad
  • Ancient Aztec & Mayan art of the toad 
  • How to convey the psychedelic imagery into film format
  • "Puffers" in the psychedelic community
  • Finding your fellowship and tribe
  • Spiritual and mystical experiences
  • Lack of spirituality in mass religion
  • Synchronicities
  • 2012
  • Occult sciences
  • Shifting perspectives
  • Merging the conscious and the unconscious mind
  • Viewing people as trees
  • Polarization in society
  • Cycles of time - precession of the equinox
  • Time is cyclical 

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