Ep 37 - Nicolas Gregoriades and Experiencing the Mysteries of the Universe

You are here to experience the mystery.
— Nicolas Gregoriades

Nic Gregoriades is a martial artist and spiritual explorer from Cape Town, South Africa. In 2003 he moved to London to earn his black belt in Jiu Jitsu. There he founded  the popular martial arts community, The Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood and became the first person to be awarded the black belt by the legendary Roger Gracie. In late 2012 he took a trip to the amazon to drink the sacred plant medicine, Ayahuasca, which profoundly affected his world view and caused him to drastically change his life path. He now travels the world teaching jiu jitsu, studying yoga and learning about the human experience.

  • Martial artist / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt
  • Spiritual explorer / Psychonaut
  • Host of the Digital Communion podcast

Show Notes

  • Biggest change from ayahuasca 
  • Connectedness
  • Going inward
  • Japan
  • High emotions vs emotionless
  • Going too far on a psychedelic trip
  • Set and setting
  • Taking ayahuasca at the end of Mayan calendar 2012
  • Fears when taking psychedelics
  • Experiencing the mystery
  • Asking better questions
  • The enlightened homeless
  • What is Nic working on currently
  • Meditation
  • "I am god"

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