Ep 51 - Psychedelic Libertarianism With Mike Brancatelli | True Individualism unchained!

You’re either going be the person that dives into what is real because you feel compelled in every fiber of your being to be exposed to what the truest form of reality of our world is, or just go with the flow and be part of the group has already claimed your identity.
— Mike Brancatelli

Mike Brancatelli is the host of a podcast called Mikeadelic, which focuses on the benefits of psychedelics and argues the moral right to cognitive liberty for all human beings.

  • Podcast host
  • Libertarian 

Show Notes

  • The connections between psychedelics and politics
  • Cognitive Liberty
  • Truth is with the minority 
  • Herd thinking
  • Anarchist mentality
  • Trickster mentality
  • Alex Jones' authenticity 
  • Being who you are fully
  • Visions of individuality 
  • True individualism vs collectivism 
  • Globalism
  • Nationalism
  • Growth from unconformity 
  • Why engage in the world full of problems?
  • Psychedelics' cultural de-conditioning
  • The rabbit hole of sadness
  • Reality feedback loop
  • Respect for the diversity of ideas
  • Freedom of speech and tactics against it
  • Brainwashing of social justice warriors
  • Importance of family
  • Criticism with awareness and mindfulness
  • What can people do to wake up from "1984"?
  • No holding back, no fear
  • The bubble that we live in

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