Ep 40 - How Ayahuasca Saved More Than Mark Flaherty's Skin | From a Cursed Talisman to Shamanistic Healing

Through ayahuasca, my whole understanding of life and how it works has changed radically. I see now that these difficult and horrible events that life brings us as life trying to move us more in alignment in the kind of life that would bring us happiness.
— Mark Flaherty

Mark is the author of Shedding the Layers: How Ayahuasca Saved More Than My Skin. In 2004, Mark was diagnosed with severe eczema. His body oozing and covered in sores, my skin falling off in chunks, Western doctors could do nothing to stop the progression of the disease. Alternative therapies also failed to bring me any relief. Mark works with Blue Morpho Retreat and operates an astrology service. 

  • Uses ayahuasca to cure his severe case of eczema
  • Works with Blue Morpho Retreat 
  • Astrologer 
  • Author of Shedding the Layers: How Ayahuasca Saved More Than My Skin

Show Notes

Part I: Mark's journey with ayahuasca healing

  • How Mark ended up in Peru drinking ayahuasca
  • Mark quitting his job and traveling
  • Meeting Hamilton Souther and Alberto in Blue Morpho
  • Negative spirits
  • Taking LSD in solar eclipse festival in Zambia, Africa
  • Cursed talisman 
  • Coincidence or fate
  • Horrible events in life
  • Mark's case of eczema
  • Positive thoughts
  • Power of crying
  • Illness returning as Mark returns in England
  • Return to Peru
  • Mark's first pleasurable experience
  • Believing negative though patterns
  • True root of Mark's illness
  • Karma

Part II: Astrology

  • Mark's idea of horoscopes
  • How ayahuasca changed Mark's understanding of life to understand astrology
  • Astrology birth chart
  • Astrology is non-deterministic 
  • Commonly asked questions to an astrologer
  • Sun sign
  • Astrology as a spiritual practice
  • Initiation to manhood
  • Saturn Returns
  • Uncertainty and change

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