EP 26 - Lysergic 2016 with TJ Travis | LSD, Entities, & Society

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After many experiences and tying others’ experiences together, we do seem to contact some kind of entities that have transcended our space and time.
— TJ Travis

TJ Travis is a psychonaut, a YouTuber, and a documentary filmmaker. He recently released a documentary about his journeys taking LSD, called Lysergic 2016. 

  • Psychonaut
  • YouTuber
  • Documentary filmmaker

Show Notes

  • What propelled TJ to make Lysergic 2016
  • The beginnings of TJ
  • Salvia Divinorum experience
  • Uncovering mysteries of the reality of being
  • Are psychedelics an internal reaction or an external voyage?
  • What TJ learned during his LSD trip
  • Research chemicals
  • Psilocybin
  • Entities 
  • Main ways to improve society
  • TJ's views on religion
  • Materialism
  • Meeting with entities and spirits
  • Theories on dreams
  • Parallel universe

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