Ep 107 - Remembering Our Interconnectedness To The Universe With LOAN WOLF! Truth, Self Sabotage, Fake Samadhi

The common denominator between it all is the connective divine force of awareness and light.
— Loan Wolf

Loan Wolf is a practicing Shaman, author, behavioral health technician, and an ordained minister. He believes that shamanism and its many techniques have the ability to change individual lives and the world for the better. Loan Wolf just recently published a book entitled “Will & Power: Inside the Living Library” in which many of these techniques are implemented and discussed at length.

Show Notes

  • Loan Wolf
  • What is god according to Loan Wolf
  • Purpose of mankind
  • Rupert Sheldrake
  • Morphogenetic Fields
  • Remembering the connectedness 
  • Other ways of altering consciousness
  • Balance is everything
  • Enlightenment process as destructive
  • People just want to get high
  • Accepting responsibility
  • Self-sabotage 
  • Happiness
  • Facing the truth

Continued in our PLUS+ Extension:

  • Spirit animal in dreams
  • Passing the universe's tests
  • Is LSD natural?
  • LSD false Samadhi
  • Lacking of shamanism
  • Bigfoot
  • Loan Wolf's book and its easter eggs

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