Ep 35 - Soul-Consciousness Reading with Jessica Reid | Clairvoyant, Channeling, Free-Will

The ultimate joy in life is feeling an alignment with our soul, and why we came here and living out the experience with the journey that our soul intended to live as it’s highest path.
— Jessica Reid

Originally from New Zealand, Jessica Reid is a clairvoyant, channeler,  medium, and a soul consciousness reader. Ever since she was born she has been able to see and communicate with more than just the 'physical', and has always perceived and observed life through a very different consciousness. Jessica's purpose and vision is to bring forward the information that she can access from her guides, to help others come into alignment with who they really are and who they came here to be, to fulfill their purpose and to enjoy their best possible path here on the earth.

  • Global clairvoyant
  • Channeler
  • Medium
  • Soul consciousness reader
  • Purpose fulfillment coach

Show Notes

Part I

  • What Jessica sees during her channelling 
  • Spirit guides
  • Jessica's experience as a child with an open third eye
  • Seeing spirits
  • Astral traveling
  • The space in astral traveling
  • Jessica's perspective on her subjective reality
  • The ultimate joy in life
  • The theory of everything
  • The question of "free will"

Part II

  • Ed's soul consciousness reading
  • Heart chakra and third eye chakra
  • Four main energies
  • Energy colors
  • Male and female energy

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