Ep 76 - Bridging Ancient Modalities With Western Psychology With Dr. Jeff McNairy, Psy.D., M.P.H.

The patients are not given the tools to be successful [in the western medical model], everything was external. I always knew the real change is going to come internally, from themselves.
— Dr. Jeff McNairy

Dr. Jeff McNairy, Psy.D., M.P.H. has been working in the health care field for 25 years. He has worked in a variety of medical environments and seen the struggle individuals have when actually trying to heal. The current Western system of heath care is deficient in healing the population. It is more concerned with managing symptoms and using external sources for “change.” Through Dr. McNairy’s intense experience with the most desperate patient populations (addition, acute mental health, and trauma), he has seen that the only real healing can come from within.

Show Notes

  • Dr. Jeff McNairy's roots in healing
  • Empowering individuals for internal healing
  • Gerard Powell
  • Dr. Jeff McNairy's first encounter with iboga
  • Who typically does plant medicine in Costa Rica?
  • Treating PTSD with ayahuasca 
  • The "spiritual elite"
  • Gaining empathy through plant medicine
  • Being the "protector" 
  • The drug epidemic in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • The high tensions of Hawaii
  • Ancestral differences in Hawaii
  • The warrior culture of Hawaii
  • The effects of connecting the children back to their roots and ancestors 
  • The collective mentality of a teenager 
  • The exterior world is an internal reflection
  • Debates as a healthy exercise
  • The no-loser mentality
  • Getting in touch with ourselves to gain self control
  • Psychedelic elitism
  • Ayahuasca process and integration in Rythmia
  • The resistance to change
  • A mix of western & plant medicine therapy to trauma
  • Radical insights after plant medicine
  • The "Pink Cloud"
  • Dr. McNairy's family and collegiates and their thoughts on his path of plant medicine
  • The rite of passage of the western medical model
  • Suggesting yoga, meditation, reiki to patients 
  • The importance of physical exercise to enhance mental health
  • The system that is not set up for healing
  • Instant gratification 
  • The mainstream popularization of ayahuasca - good or bad?

Continued in our PLUS+ Extension:

  • The opposing ideas to heal the world
  • Realistic modalities to reach the same end - healing
  • The debate of the scarcity of ayahuasca supply
  • Native Costa Rican ayahuasca
  • DMT from the acacia tree in Hawaii
  • Is indigenous ayahuasca best?
  • Drinking ayahuasca in Peru and Costa Rica vs. metropolitan cities in the US?
  • Psychedelic elitism 
  • Most interesting transformational stories Dr. Jeff McNairy witnessed in Costa Rica
  • Incurable Axis II personality disorder
  • Overcoming your childhood fears with ayahuasca
  • Healing from the scientific and spiritual POV
  • Making the right decisions to live a better life
  • Selectively unplug negative influences and learning more about who you are
  • How to go back to your dead end job after ayahuasca
  • Surviving existential crisis

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