Ep 71 - God Mode, Immortality, and Sigil Magic with Gordon White & Mike Brancatelli | Chaos Magic, UFO, Deep State

Magic is a culture specific set of techniques for interacting with your own consciousness and other consciousnesses.
— Gordon White

Gordon White is the host of Rune Soup, a blog and podcast about magic, occultism, and the paranormal. Mike Brancatelli is the host of Mikeadelic, a podcast on psychedelics, politics, and cognitive freedom. Today the podcasting gods were gracious enough to give us the opportunity to team up and record a special Psychedelic Trifecta episode together to talk about MAGIC. 

  • Gordon White, host of Rune Soup (magic, occultism, paranormal)
  • Mike Brancatelli, host of Mikeadelic (psychedelics, politics)
  • Ed Liu, host of Psychedelic Milk (psychedelics, spirituality)

Show Notes

  • What is magic?
  • The different cultural specific sets of magic 
  • What is Gordon's favorite topic in Rune Soup podcast?
  • The connection between human consciousness effects
  • What is chaos magic
  • Peter J Carroll
  • Is there chaos magic currently in world politics?
  • Are the world powers using magic to control the world?
  • Does the actual magic work? Or is it a form of placebo effect?
  • How to become invincible in the most practical way
  • Can magic have an effects on happiness, instead of power and authority?
  • Is there a system of hierarchy in magic?
  • How to play life in god mode
  • Is magic for everyone?
  • Magic works in practice but not in theory
  • Is magic in popular culture a deliberate delivery? 
  • The magic of non-expectation
  • How do you live in the material world with the mindset of magic?
  • The western mistake of separating mind and matter
  • The animistic force of ayahuasca
  • Psychological problems from the western ignorance of the paranormal

Continued in our PLUS+ Extension:

  • The hidden relationship between modern science and capitalist corporations
  • Science, materialism
  • The deep state government's involvement with magic
  • The most interesting magical development that happened in the 20th century
  • Where did the deep state government learn the techniques of magic?
  • Unidentified Flying Objects
  • Is there a single world agenda?
  • The disadvantages of centralized power
  • The meaninglessness of being righteous 
  • Practical ways to impact the world 
  • Artificial intelligence and magic
  • The post digital world
  • What can people do practically in magic to better their lives?
  • Doing the practical enchantment
  • Magic working in mysterious ways
  • Be careful of what you wish for
  • Gordon's own sigil magic experiences

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