Ep 78 - Revelations Of the Mind In Zero Gravity With Matt Kay & David Alexander | Floating

It seems like you’re getting hit with 50 years of meditation in 10 minutes with a neuroplasticity effect.
— Matt Kay

Matt Kay is the owner of East Coast Float Spa and Dave Alexander is the lead vocals of the Carousel Kings.

Show Notes

  • East Coast Float Spa
  • The community that forms in floating
  • Matt's first float
  • Dave's first float
  • How to process the death of loved ones in the float tank
  • Floating as an emotional therapy
  • Float techniques from Matt and Dave
  • The state between sleep and awake
  • Manifesting reality in the float tank
  • Magic and the invocation of spirits
  • What drove Matt to open East Coast Float Spa
  • Dave and Matt's initial psychedelic experiences
  • Laughing gas
  • Blue entity
  • The inability to understand the meaning of DMT
  • Honing the skill to be nonreactive
  • The separation of the self
  • The psychedelic closet of the float world
  • Smoking DMT in the float tank
  • Matt's most profound floating and psychedelic experience
  • Body high
  • Microdosing
  • Recognizing bad trips as what they are

Continued in our PLUS+ Extension:

  • Matt and Dave's trippiest experiences in the float tank
  • Does floating and psychedelics influence music and creativity?
  • Floating on tour
  • Can you be too zen to perform music?
  • Matt's eating disorder, bulimia
  • Overcoming difficulties with psychedelics and floating
  • Matt's advice to people that are suffering from depression
  • The future of psychedelics and floating
  • Dangers of marijuana and floating 
  • Matt's plans for the future 

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