Ep 73 - From Kentucky to Mexico For 5-MeO DMT Toad Medicine With Drew Houchin (1 Week After) | God Realization, Ayahuasca

Instead of just seeing fractals (visions), you understand that everything is fractal in nature and the universe.
— Drew Houchin

Drew Houchin is a psychonaut from Kentucky with recent psychedelic journeys including the 5-MeO DMT Toad medicine and ayahuasca, and is currently training to work with psychedelics for healing others. 

Show Notes

  • What initially propelled Drew to try ayahuasca in Peru?
  • Drew's drug abuse and checkered past
  • The rediscovery of Drew's passions 
  • Drew's facebook messages to Ed from Peru
  • Drew's first breakthrough ayahuasca experience
  • Did Drew know his problems that arose from his subconscious?
  • Deprogramming Drew's consciousness through ayahuasca
  • The impact of childhood trauma 
  • Seeing visions of Ganesha for the first time on ayahuasca
  • The paradoxical relationship of suffering and enlightenment
  • Acquiring 360° vision
  • Post-ayahuasca integration
  • Drew's post ayahuasca confusion 
  • The addiction to kratom
  • The instant gratification tendency of the West
  • Toad medicine experience
  • Going "out" on the toad medicine
  • Full energetic release on the second day
  • Achieving god realization

Continued in our PLUS+ Extension:

  • The total embrace of love under toad medicine
  • Seeing yourself as universe that is experiencing itself through the self
  • What did Drew see on the exterior world under toad medicine?
  • The ultra transformative experience of the toad medicine
  • How to integrate back into our waking reality after such a shifting experience?
  • How to truly live life according to your happiness?
  • The misinterpretation of god in self-reflection
  • Did the other participants experience similar toad medicine journeys?
  • Were there similarities of toad medicine and ayahuasca?
  • Is toad medicine suitable for everyone? Who is it not suitable for?
  • Returning to Kentucky and the shifting of mindset
  • Drew's biggest fears returning to Kentucky
  • The synchronicity of Drew's new life
  • Drew's new journey into medicine shamanhood
  • What medicine will Drew work with as a healer?
  • The transformation of the self 
  • What was the most valuable lesson Drew learned throughout the year of transformation with psychedelic medicine?

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