Ep 49 - [MDMA Breakthrough?] How MDMA Is Making Dan Suero Walk Again From Pilocytic Astrocytoma!

Through dissolving the ego, I realized the Dan that was attached to the disability was not the real Dan. The real Dan is inside where I have to look for myself.
— Dan Suero

Dan Suero is a 19 year old college student in Florida that was diagnosed with pilocytic astrocytoma with impaired walking from the age of five. In this podcast, Dan tells the story of how MDMA miraculously help recover sensations in his feet and is helping him walk again. Psychedelic Milk is not advocating for any activities that Dan previous did, but encouraging psychedelic research in MDMA for research purposes only. 

  • Diagnosed with pilocytic astrocytoma
  • Recovery aided by MDMA

Show Notes

  • Dan's diagnosis of pilocytic astrocytoma
  • Walking disabilities
  • Dan's introduction of psychedelics and spirituality
  • Issues of self-confidence
  • Looking past the physical 
  • Dan's first psychedelic breakthrough
  • Camping trip that led to healing
  • Questioning intentions of escape or expansion
  • Intuition taking over
  • Experiencing sensations again
  • Walking without crutches
  • Healing
  • Yoga and physical therapy for recovery
  • Future arrangements
  • Future implications for psychedelic healing
  • Are there any similar cases?
  • Much more to psychedelics than the hippie stereotype
  • Courage to share the story

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