Ep 56 - Neuro-Apocalypse With Reverend Danny Nemu (Part 2) | Decoding Drugs In The Bible!

Christ was the person that took the ritual of anointing away from the priests and did it to his apostles.
— Danny Nemu

Danny’s background is in the history and philosophy of medicine from the University of Manchester. He first encountered ayahuasaca when living in Japan. After six years drinking there with a Santo Daime group, he followed the trail back to its source in the Brazilian Amazon, where he was bitten by a sand fly, leading to a leishmaniasis infection. This highly aggressive bacterial parasite quickly colonised a few inches of his skin, with designs on much more, and proved to be a great teacher, providing ample opportunity to study first hand the intricacies and potencies of ayahuasca as used as a medicine within the Daime world view.

  • Author of Science Revealed and Neuro-Apocalypse
  • Santo Daime ayahuasca group
  • Reverend 
  • Diagnosed with a leishmaniasis infection

Show Notes

  • Passing marks/scars from generations
  • Poetry
  • Mechanics of language
  • Flexibility of the Hebrew language
  • Demonization of the serpent 
  • Gnostics and drugs
  • Was Jesus a mushroom?
  • Drugs in the Bible
  • Kannabosm
  • Calamus
  • Myrrh
  • Was Christianity heavily influenced by psychoactive drugs?
  • The anointed one
  • Idea of "End of the world"
  • The meek shall inherit the earth
  • Anti-capitalism theme of the Bible
  • 70 phases of the Bible


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