Ep 46 - The Hivemind Of Polarities With Cory Allen | Cutting through the illusions of modern existence

There’s always a polarity to everything in the cosmos. [Our modern technology] are raising the emerging awakening and self awareness, the counter balance to such is a deeper distraction by the very tool that are helping people to wake up.
— Cory Allen

Cory Allen is a meditation teacher, composer, mastering engineer, and a host of his own podcast The Astral Hustle from Austin, TX.

  • Meditation teacher (Release Into Now)
  • Binaural beats producer
  • Music composer and mastering engineer
  • Host of The Astral Hustle podcast
  • User of various psychedelics and plant medicines

Show Notes

  • Ins and outs of podcasting
  • Speaking abilities
  • Cory's process 
  • Intellectual fearlessness
  • Abstract humor
  • Internet Mindfulness
  • Polarities 
  • Subjective realities and social conditioning
  • Nature vs nurture
  • Illusion reality
  • Belief in no-belief
  • Controversial experiments on Instagram
  • Self identification of a social group
  • Levels of philosophical thought
  • Joker / Provocateur mentality
  • Monks debating
  • Internal space

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