Ep 19 - Floating & Psychedelic Experiences with Bryan Gray! (Part 2)

If things are energy and you can neither be created or destroyed, then we are all in a sense, eternal and immortal.
— Bryan Gray

Bryan Gray from Float North County (San Diego, CA) is an expert floater, a consultant for float tank technologies, and an avid user of various psychedelics. Bryan joins the Psychedelic Milk to talk about the uses of psychedelics and how the practice of floating made him into a better human being. 

  • Float North County of San Diego, California
  • Expert floater
  • Consultant of float and float technologies 
  • Avid user of psychedelics

Show Notes

  • 30 straight days of floating
  • Sobriety is underrated
  • Floating with marijuana
  • Stephen Curry
  • Crushing the adrenaline response and reptilian brain
  • Getting hit by a car riding a bicycle
  • Floating is a psychedelic itself
  • Floating on mushrooms
  • Floating on cocaine 
  • Astral projecting
  • Body highs
  • Healing migraines 
  • Making politicians and police officers float
  • Dinosaurs in Washington DC
  • Voting
  • What is money
  • Meeting a "guru" on the train
  • Multiverse
  • Lifecycle of an atom
  • Floating to elevate humanity
  • Change yourself

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