Ep 72 - Bryan Gray's Ibogaine Float Tank Experience (Less Than 24 Hours After) | Death, Nootropics, Balance

The float world’s mission is to elevate people how to think and how to act.
— Bryan Gray

Bryan Gray from Float North County (San Diego, CA) is an expert floater, a consultant for float tank technologies, and an avid user of various psychedelics. Bryan joins the Psychedelic Milk to talk about the uses of psychedelics and how the practice of floating made him into a better human being. 

  • Float North County of San Diego, California
  • Expert floater
  • Consultant of float and float technologies 
  • Avid user of psychedelics (allegedly) 

Show Notes

  • The growth of popularity in float 
  • Navy SEAL's uses of float tanks
  • Neurohacker Collective, Qualia
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Qualia's effects on Bryan's first trip to Mexico
  • The death of Bryan's dog as a psychedelic experience
  • Confronting the reality of death
  • The duality of American politics
  • Bryan's LSD experience after the death of his dog
  • How to use death as a tool to zoom out to see the bigger picture
  • The confrontation of conflicting feelings 
  • Ego death
  • The easter eggs of synchronicity 
  • The beginning of Bryan's ibogaine experience
  • How much ibogaine did Bryan take?
  • Visuals appearing before entering the tank
  • Ibogaine inside the float tank
  • Seeing Senator Palpatine on ibogaine
  • Ibogaine's power of putting the self in the observer role
  • What did Bryan learn from his ibogaine experience?
  • The weirdest thing that happened to Bryan in his ibogaine float
  • The inter-dimensional motivational coach
  • Moving towards the middle way in every aspect of your life
  • See aliens after exiting the tank
  • Being in the psychedelic "waiting room"
  • The dimension of death 

Continued in our PLUS+ Extension:

  • Dreamy reality of ibogaine
  • Eye wiggles
  • The warping of time
  • The un-recreational nature of ibogaine
  • The release of the subconscious under ibogaine
  • Bryan's mantra
  • The importance of physical health
  • Bryan's revelation from 7 hits of acid
  • Ibogaine's mindset correction to move forward
  • Would Bryan try a flood dose of ibogaine?
  • How would an actual microdose differ from Bryan's dose?
  • Bryan's confrontation of his personal issues
  • Veganism
  • Bryan's newfound diet and exercise discipline
  • Designing parallel systems

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