Ep 68 - Natural Pineal Gland DMT With Guy Harriman's Ajna Light | Manifesting The Ultimate Root Of Consciousness

The original download of the Ajna Light was to allow people to connect to their authentic higher self.
— Guy Harriman

Guy Harriman is the founder of Ajna Light. The Ajna Light was designed for an alternative approach to therapies and a thrilling gateway tool for guiding explorations of consciousness. Many of the reported experiences under the light range from relaxing meditation, to something of the extraordinary. The light uses powerful dynamic neural stimulating brainwave technology to help induce altered states of consciousness which is known to be quick and effective, making the Ajna Light a breakthrough tool for meditation.

  • Founder of Ajna Light
  • Designed for an alternative approach to therapies and explorations of consciousness
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand

Show Notes

  • What is the Ajna Light? 
  • The original "download" of the Ajna Light
  • Experiences that led Guy to developing the Ajna Light
  • DMT's connection to sleep
  • Is Ajna Light actually releasing DMT to the body?
  • Trying MAOI with the Ajna Light
  • What is the High Tea?
  • Meeting "beings" under the light, what are they?
  • Why is imagery of the light so powerful?
  • Dzogchen Tibetan philosophy
  • Controlling the intensities of the light 
  • Can one overdose on light therapy?
  • The brain shutting down under intense amounts of light
  • Going into the void
  • Our higher-self
  • Ajna Light for the blind?
  • The play of Force and Power
  • Why did Guy move to Thailand?

Continued in our PLUS+ Extension:

  • The act of listening to your inner voice vs reacting and judging situations
  • Putting your mindfulness to the test in the cities of the world
  • The rebound of ancient consciousness technology in modern form
  • The monkey mind manifested in the physical form 
  • The set and setting of the Ajna Light
  • The ideal music choices for the Ajna Light
  • What is the Pyra Light?
  • Amplifying the earth's magnetic field
  • How to use the Pyra Light?
  • Guy's practice of visualization into manifestation
  • The connection with the universe with the Ajna Light practice
  • Stem cell gingseng
  • How to create space and stillness to be in the observer state
  • How to listen to the heart for the important parts of life
  • Finding purpose in life with the clarity of heart and without the influence of others
  • The shadow teachers of your life
  • Demons as an aspect of yourself
  • Applying resonance in your life

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