Ep 63 - Mushroom Cure With Adam Strauss! OCD, Ayahuasca, & Letting Go

It was under psychedelics that I first had the experience of actually letting go, letting the fear in instead of trying to get rid of it with rituals.
— Adam Strauss

Adam Strauss is a comedian and writer based in NYC. Adam suffers from a severe case of OCD and had used psychedelics to bring himself back into balance. 

  • Comedian
  • Writer

Show Notes

  • Psychedelic enlightenment affecting comedy
  • Art after psychedelics
  • Talking about Adam's psychedelic experience on stage
  • Connecting with the body on ayahuasca
  • OCD
  • OCD is trivialized 
  • Fidget spinner
  • Mind driven life
  • Methods to combat OCD
  • Control freak
  • Letting go of control
  • Disappointments stem from a lack of control
  • Uncertainty of life
  • Reconnection with the divine
  • Constantly looking for more
  • Peruvian experience
  • Greater material wealth doesn't correlate to greater happiness
  • Weird and scary feelings on psychedelics
  • Running away is not an option
  • Deeper breathing
  • Back to Peru for ayahuasca
  • Doing ayahuasca in the Amazon jungle vs in metropolitan city

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