Ep 74 PLUS+ - Radical Sexuality, Consciousness, & Occult Magic With Conner Habib!

The path towards personal sexual liberation is the path to realizing yourself as an individual.
— Conner Habib

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Conner is an author, a lecturer, a porn performer, and a sex workers’ rights advocate. He is the host of his own show Against Everyone with Conner Habib. 

Show Notes

  • What is Against Everyone With Conner Habib?
  • Occult, radical philosophy, radical politics
  • The war against pleasure
  • The understanding of the self through sexual liberation
  • The archaic laws of our time
  • The negative repercussions of sexual repression
  • The effects of porn
  • Suppressing sex for enlightenment
  • The different state of "bodies" in different eras and cultures
  • The ancient cultures that celebrated sex openly
  • Sigil magic and masturbation
  • Conner's first sigil 
  • Defying the laws of physics with magic
  • Summoning the devil
  • How to deal with inexplicable events that are happening in your life
  • Coexisting with the feelings of reality and non-reality
  • Darwin's Worms: On Life Stories and Death Stories
  • The preference preference
  • Empowering the self through alternative sets of facts
  • How to gain clarity to have objective reality
  • Thoughts as a byproduct of thinking
  • Being right or wrong and the Original Sin
  • Self reflection in an echo chamber
  • The art of disagreement
  • The need of expression to significance 
  • The vacuum of religion in our times
  • Dependency of a social cause
  • Seeking meaning
  • The Occupy movement
  • The future of artificial intelligence and sex
  • The future of artificial intelligence and art/creativity
  • Conner's final words


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