Ep 61 - Psychedelic Trifecta With Mike Brancatelli & Cory Allen

[The iPhone] This work of art is the glass nipple that we’re sucking our digital milk from, vampirizing our consciousness if not used wisely.
— Cory Allen

In the podcasting realm, there is nothing more fun than having a relaxed "shoot the s***" type of chat with two buddies while feeling of your mind evolving in real time because of the knowledge bombs that were dropped in the conversation. This is one of those times. And we're bringing more of it. 

Yes, this just happened. Mike Brancatelli (Mikeadelic podcast) and I are finding interesting folks from all walks of life to shoot the s*** with in our podcasts. With no agenda, no preset topics, and no time limit, we are free to talk about anything that comes up to our minds and go deep with it. Cory Allen was the first to be on the trifecta and there will be many more to come. 

For regular listeners of the podcast, you don't have to worry because regular operations will still continue as usual at the Psychedelic Milk podcast. And now with an added bonus of these trifectas every few weeks or so. Hope you guys will enjoy it and spread the word!

Show Notes

  • Cory's trip to Italy
  • Replicating nature's insights in art
  • Ancient art
  • Innovation
  • Jackson Pollock art
  • Fractal art
  • Relying on the Likes on Facebook
  • Value of social media
  • Importance of thought of Instagram posts
  • Machiavellian view of spirituality
  • Triggers
  • Challenging ideologies 
  • Falling into a knowledge trap
  • Understanding our own personal truths
  • Mike's attack mode
  • Ego echo chambers
  • DMT and death
  • Accepting death
  • Guiding the ship of the podcast
  • Making boring topics interesting
  • Alien abduction and DMT experiences
  • Going too far in knowing
  • World of politics and the drama that it brings
  • Detaching from affiliations 
  • Poking the bear
  • The mystery of free will
  • Unlocking free will through methods
  • Acknowledge the sadness 
  • Narcissism trap
  • Mindful and accepting approach 
  • Tapping into the serious energy of life
  • Conversations from "The Last Samurai"

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