Ep 17 - Yoga Is True Self Expression With Sonia Doubell

When I’m doing yoga, I want to breathe into my body, flushing out the physical intoxicants, and also the emotional body.
— Sonia Doubell

Sonia Doubell is a yogi, entrepreneur, artist, journalist, and an ayahuasca drinker. Sonia joins the Psychedelic Milk podcast to share her yogic insights on how to live in the moment and clear away all your negative thoughts and energies. 

  • Yoga teacher and practitioner
  • YouTube channel with over a million views
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Journalist
  • Actress
  • Ayahuasca drinker

Show Notes

  • Traveling and "being home"
  • Yoga is grounding
  • Presence
  • Being one with yourself
  • Mindfulness
  • Be here now, and enjoy it
  • Sonia's goals in yoga
  • Meridian stimulation
  • Find the right kind of yoga for you
  • Doing yoga on your own instead of joining a class
  • Total Body Yoga
  • Ashtanga yoga
  • Physical yoga
  • How yoga keeps people young
  • The importance of alignment, balance
  • The mind's habits
  • Mika the ayahuasca baby
  • Understanding life deeper through pregnancy 
  • Understanding unconditional love
  • Children are our greatest teachers

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