Ep 11 - Gardening & Permaculture with Mary Allison!

Everything within me that was human oriented would drop away, and I would melt into this abyss of freedom, and this freedom would bring me an immense amount of joy.
— Mary Allison on meditating with plants

Mary Allison is well versed in the arts of poetry, music composition, speaking, and writing. She is an award winning artist and columnist for the nation's largest metaphysical paper, Aquarius News. Allison joins the Psychedelic Milk podcast to educate us about the world of permaculture and how everything is interconnected.

  • Speaker, Writer, Musician, Teacher
  • Award winning artist
  • Columnist for the nation's largest paper on metaphysics, Aquarius News.

Show Notes

  • What is permaculture?
  • Rudolf Steiner
  • Segregated beings
  • Permaculture's popularity around the world
  • Donald Trump/2016 Elections
  • Fear or saying hi to others in the elevator
  • Rejection
  • Native plants
  • Gardening
  • Are plants conscious? Do plants have memory? Do plants perceive their environment?
  • Rice are more evolved than humans
  • Backster's experiments in the CIA 1960s
  • Playing music to plants
  • Sensitivity and meditation
  • Plants are our gurus
  • Meditating with plants
  • Counterculture 
  • Technology 
  • Egos of spiritual leaders
  • Ego
  • All comes down to love

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