Ep 8 - Dream & Bass with Zhea Erose!

Psilocybin let me relearn the world through a child’s eye, it made me realize that I am in control of myself and my actions.
— Zhea Erose

Zhea Erose is a 24 year old gender variant music composer, producer, instrumentalist, and instructor from Indiana, United States. Her musical styles include electronic, dream & bass, and evolving experimental. Zhea joins Psychedelic Milk and talks about the art of production, her use of psychedelics, her views of the universe, and her journey as a transgender individual. 

  • Electronic music composer, producer
  • Multi-instrumentalist, instructor
  • Animations designer
  • Psychedelics user
  • Transgender 

Show Notes

  • Dream & Bass genre
  • Raves 
  • Amon Tobin
  • Composition, harmonics
  • Cerebral vs intuition 
  • Inspirations
  • A blank canvas as a practice
  • Psilocybin 
  • BT's "Binary Universe"
  • Music as a fractal
  • Music as a psychedelic 
  • Arnold Schoenberg
  • DMT
  • Living in Indiana
  • Zhea's views on the universe
  • Evolution
  • Simulation theory
  • Physical objects when taking psychedelics
  • Modular vs linear approach
  • Music festivals as an experience
  • Transgender
  • Express yourself truly

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