Ep 7 - Float to Infinity with Kevin Johnson!

Embrace floating as a practice, there is no destination, no finish line.
— Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson joins the Psychedelic Milk podcast and drops major knowledge on the practice of floating and psychedelics. 

  • Founder & CEO of Zero Gravity Institute in Austin, Texas.
  • Ayahuasca drinker
  • Psychedelics user

Show Notes

  • Kevin's roots in floating
  • What is a float tank?
  • Timelessness in the float tank
  • Theta State
  • Floating as a practice
  • Heightened awareness
  • First float
  • Non-materialistic state
  • Imagination is king
  • Exploring consciousness
  • Higher vibrational being
  • Floating without external psychedelics
  • Plant medicine showing you the path
  • Kevin negotiation with the spirit of ayahuasca inside the float tank
  • Kevin's ayahuasca experience
  • Icaros in the tank
  • Pushing psychic demons out of your system
  • Nothing is everything, and everything is nothing
  • Learning from duality, higher-self
  • Age of information, Age of distraction
  • Plants rule this world
  • DMT
  • A need of ceremony, rites of passage in our daily lives
  • Zero Gravity Institute

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