Ep 5 - Maya Chedid's Path of Heart to Yoga & Ayahuasca

My heart is leading my life.
— Maya Abou Chedid

Maya Abou Chedid is a volunteer/helper at Blue Morpho ayahuasca retreats, where she works closely with ayahuasca and plays a major role with helping ayahuasca drinkers to navigate through mystical medicine realms. Maya is also a yoga instructor, yoga therapist, Thai yoga massage therapist, and an Ayurvedic Marma massage therapist. She joins us from Beirut, Lebanon to talk about her journey towards ayahuasca!

  • Extensive ayahuasca drinker
  • Helper at Blue Morpho ayahuasca retreats in Iquitos, Peru
  • Yoga instructor/therapist 
  • Thai yoga massage therapist
  • Ayurvedic Marma massage therapist

Show Notes

  • Maya's roots and background
  • Yoga 
  • Science's view on spirituality
  • Maya's trip to India
  • Healing
  • Start of Maya's ayahuasca journey
  • Knowing what is happening within us 
  • Following her heart towards ayahuasca
  • Connecting with spirits
  • Helping with Blue Morpho
  • Purging
  • What Maya sees in the world of ayahuasca
  • Blue Morpho's medicine space
  • Spirits
  • Connecting to crystals
  • Setting your intention
  • Different properties in crystals
  • What is the most important thing Maya learned so far in her journey

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