Ep 4 - The Truth about MDMA with Emanuel Sferios

Drug war culture actually manifests the very misuse and abuse that it claims to be preventing.
— Emanuel Sferios

Emanuel Sferios joins the Psychedelic Milk podcast and talks the truth about the benefits and dangers of the renowned drug MDMA.

  • Producer & Director of MDMA the Movie
  • Founder of DanceSafe.org
  • MDMA legalization activist
  • Harm reduction advocate

Show Notes

  • Emanuel's activism roots
  • Emanuel's first contact with MDMA
  • MDMA culture
  • Electronic Dance Music
  • Curing stress for our modern era with MDMA
  • Courage of new generation of MDMA advocates
  • Treat dangerous drugs as a public health issue
  • Marijuana 
  • Deaths from PMA/PMMA, para-Methoxy-N-methylamphetamine
  • How the drug prohibition affects the market
  • The number one risk of MDMA
  • Prozac and other SSRIs and it's relationship with MDMA
  • How to reduce 99% of MDMA fatalities 
  • Risks of monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO) inhibitors 
  • Metabolism and Liver Enzymes
  • MDMA's effects on slow metabolizers, Asians
  • Most of MDMA's deaths are not overdoses
  • Methylone in molly
  • The connotation of the word "Overdose"
  • Information new MDMA users should know
  • The RAVE Act 
  • Shelley Goldsmith's death at Echostage in Washington DC
  • AmendTheRaveAct.org (http://www.amendtheraveact.org)
  • The harmful effects from the drug prohibition
  • How to educate your kids about drugs 
  • Legalization 
  • Percentage of people that try MDMA and like it
  • Authenticity of self when people take MDMA
  • PTSD's role on the drug prohibition
  • Mainstream media's false stereotype of drugs
  • Global Drug Survey (http://www.globaldrugsurvey.com/)
  • Veterans with PTSD
  • Phase 3 and FDA approval
  • MAPS (http://www.maps.org/)
  • Recreational market

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