EP 1 - Purging Rainbows On Ayahuasca With Heather Molina

Heather Molina
I’m very good at purging, I’m very good at getting into the medicine space. I need to stop using ayahuasca as a crutch and an excuse to do self-exploration, because I can do it without the ayahuasca.
— Heather Molina

Our first episode of the Psychedelic Milk podcast, we welcome Heather Molina! As this is my first ever episode, I apologize for any technical difficulties. I promise the show quality will increase overtime, so stick with me! Here's a list of things that makes Heather interesting:

  • Psychedelic/self explorer (ayahuasca, cannabis, san pedro, coca leaves)
  • World Traveler (7 continents in under 7 months)
  • Bikram yoga instructor/practitioner 
  • Top level marketing executive
  • Blogger of http://oncommonground.blogspot.com

Show Notes

  • What intrigued Heather to try ayahuasca
  • Her natural curiosity and skepticism towards mysticism, yoga, breath work
  • Ayahuasca completely changed her surroundings, guided her to a specific location
  • Purging emotions and energies through yoga poses
  • Purging rainbows on ayahuasca (snapchat style)
  • Her future plans with plant medicine
  • Other psychedelics that she's done in the past
  • Meditating with cannabis to icaros/shamanic music
  • San Pedro tour
  • Floating 
  • Her upcoming plans, podcast

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