Ep 21 - Michael Donovan Talks Spirituality and Artificial Intelligence

Be compassionate, be alive, do whatever the fuck you want, do it with an open heart and open mind.
— Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan is a photographer, podcaster, and an interesting human being. He is a host of his own podcast MICHAEL DONOVAN'S Walking Home. Michael is a free-spirited human being that likes to explore the inner and outer world when it comes to consciousness, community, culture, entertainment, and enlightenment. 

  • Photographer
  • Host of MICHAEL DONOVAN'S Walking Home podcast

Show Notes

  • Origins
  • Meaning of "Walking Home"
  • Sense of humor
  • New York City struggles
  • Psychedelics and spirituality
  • How to be in the moment
  • Photography
  • Spirituality and boredom 
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Homeless enlightenment
  • Science
  • Materialistic religions

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