Ep 85 - Creating Your Illusion Of Artistic Reality With Raz Mesinai | Capitalism & Art

Some subjects are simply impossible to change externally, but can only be changed within ourselves.
— Raz Mesinai

Raz Mesinai (born 1973) is a dub and experimental producer, musician and composer born in Jerusalem and raised and based out of New York City. Raz began experimenting with cassettes and sampling at the age of 10, and at 14, was discovered by legendary musician Juma Sultan, a multi instrumentalist who collaborated with Jimi Hendrix and worked closely with the early Fairlight CMI Sampler.

Show Notes

  • The power of artists, or lack there of
  • Self destructive tendencies of artists
  • Negative connotation with money
  • Ghost Army
  • Raz's grandfather Manuel Bromberg
  • Defunding the arts
  • Does capitalism mix well with art?
  • Loving Vincent
  • Participating in the system
  • Left & right brain
  • Capitalism is trippy
  • Taking your reality too seriously 
  • The power of illusions and its effects on us
  • Frequencies
  • Where does Raz draw inspiration?
  • Raz's comic and Soundboy
  • Raz's song being in Black Hawk Down
  • The gullibility of musicians
  • The demonization of our own ego
  • Creating change within ourselves
  • Conservatism is the new counterculture
  • NOISE The Political Economy of Music
  • The power of illusions in a Deadmau5 show
  • Diversity in classical music (or lack there of)
  • Time stretching reality
  • Treating your life as an expression of art

Continued in our PLUS+ Extension:

  • Gaining validity from knowing thyself instead of a psychedelic experience
  • Falling for the trap of exposure and fame
  • Creating emotions from manipulations
  • Government manipulation via Hollywood media
  • Giving your personal power away as a spiritual currency
  • Edward Bernays
  • Social engineering
  • Illusions by political slantings
  • Conquer with the illusion of division
  • The importance of rites of passage
  • Jordan Peterson 
  • How to break from the illusions 
  • Knowing illusions are illusions
  • Sound compression and Post-modernism 
A MASSIVE THANK YOU to our $55 patron Mark Question (@psychonautdivision) from Austin, TX. You're our very first "Heroic Dose" patron and your support means tons to Psychedelic Milk. You are an epic human being!

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to our $55 patron Mark Question (@psychonautdivision) from Austin, TX. You're our very first "Heroic Dose" patron and your support means tons to Psychedelic Milk. You are an epic human being!

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Ep 33 - Psychonaut Movie with Director Marc Nyiti | Mind-traveling art

I think the main reason of art is to describe the things we can’t put into words. I think that’s the reason why we created art.
— Marc Nyiti

Marc Nyiti is a Canadian film director and actor, mostly known for Psychonaut (2016). Marc is also involved with a psychedelic rock band DRUGZNDREAMZ. Psychonaut is a psychedelic Sci-Fi film about mind travel. It follows one man's journey on a path of spiritual awakening and underground scientists who have been pushed out of the mainstream by the government are still hard at work discovering the inner workings of the human mind. A secret disc is stolen with all the information and now the race is on to get the disk back before worlds collide.

  • Psychonaut
  • Actor/Director/Producer
  • Psychedelic Band DRUGZNDREAMZ

Intro music is Icosahedronic by Zhea Erose

Show Notes

  • Marc's psychedelic journey 
  • Making a movie about psychedelics
  • Translating the psychedelic experience into film
  • Consciousness streaming
  • Story line of the movie
  • Psychedelics as tools
  • Dark side of the psychedelic journey
  • Clearing the cultural operating system
  • Letting go of your ego
  • Benefits of psychedelics
  • Overthinking
  • Magic of meditation 
  • Unplugging from technology
  • Life of monks
  • Human body receiving information 
  • Society as a balancing act
  • Culture is not my friend
  • Drug culture in Canada
  • Misinformation of drugs
  • Flat Earth Theory
  • Transform society with art

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